About Me

                                                               I’m ANNICK

An Insurance Specialist, a Bookkeeper, an Educator unwavering, propitious committed to helping you, not only with your insurance needs, but also to compute your finances as well.

I immigrated from Cameroon to the United States in 2000 as a student at the University of Central Arkansas, Conway Arkansas where I obtained my Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, graduated with Honors, Magna Cum Laude, then I also obtained my Master degree in Mathematics. I taught college freshman mathematics classes for one year. Then High School Mathematics for about 12 years. You can see, I have always love dealing with numbers and helping demystify the magic behind numbers. That’s why the insurance industry and bookkeeping fit right into it. My passion to helping people understand the reason, the purpose and the importance of insuring their assets, as well as the financial well-being of their business is key.

I am a mother, CEO and Founder of ComputFinance. I love watching movies, soccer games, and spending time with family and friends.