Advisory Services & Rates

Here are some of our most popular packages, designed to cater to a wide range of needs and preferences. However, to ensure that we align our services with your specific requirements and objectives, we highly recommend scheduling a discovery call with us. This personalized consultation will allow us to delve into your unique situation, discuss your goals in detail, and determine which of our services would be most beneficial for you. Let us tailor our expertise to suit your needs perfectly.

The Ideal Solution for: Solo entrepreneurs with an annual revenue of less than $500K Small businesses with an annual revenue cap of up to $1M and a team size ranging from 1 to 5 employees. Businesses with an annual revenue cap of up to $2M and a team size of 6-10 employees
Our Starter Plan offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to streamline your financial management and enhance business growth. This package is built around key areas of focus, ensuring you have the support and resources you need. Our Growth Plan meticulously , supports businesses managing up to 6 bank or credit card accounts, delivering a robust suite of services aimed at enhancing financial management, strategic planning, and operational efficiency. Our Premium Plan is the ultimate package to cater to your comprehensive financial management and strategic planning needs. This plan is designed to support businesses managing up to 10 bank or credit card accounts with a suite of advanced services segmented into focused areas.
Monthly Investment $475 $1.475 $2,475
Quickbooks Subscription QuickBooks Online Essentials: Basic financial management tools for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. QuickBooks Online Plus: Advanced features for small to mid-sized businesses to enhance financial operations. QuickBooks Online Advanced: Premium features for high-level financial management, catering to larger business needs.
Bookkeeping & Advisory Services Advisory Bookkeeping Services: Tailored financial advice to optimize your bookkeeping and accounting processes. Advisory Bookkeeping Services: In-depth, expert guidance tailored to complex business needs for optimal financial health.
App Integration Up to 2 Integrated Apps: Support for integrating third-party apps with guidance on syncing. App Integration Support (Up to 2): Assistance with integrating and synchronizing third-party applications. App Integration (Up to 2): Detailed instructions and assistance with third-party app integration for enhanced functionality.
Reconcilation Services Monthly Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations: Ensures accurate financial records through regular reconciliation. Monthly Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation: Accurate tracking of financial transactions for reliable records. Monthly Reconciliation: Advanced reconciliation services for bank and credit card accounts to maintain financial accuracy.
Transaction Oversight Transaction Review: Detailed examination of financial transactions for accuracy. Transaction Management: Comprehensive review and management of transactions to ensure precision. Transaction Oversight: Enhanced scrutiny of transactions for utmost accuracy and compliance.
Financial Reporting & Analysis Monthly Financial Reports: Insightful analysis of financial status and progress Enhanced Reporting: Includes job costing and class management, alongside financial and customized reporting. Comprehensive Financial Reporting: Monthly financial, customized, and closing reports, including detailed analyses.
Invoicing & Payments Invoicing Assistance: Support with creating and managing invoices, including recurring invoicing support. Advanced Invoicing Support: Assistance with customer invoicing, recurring invoices, and contractor payments.
Strategic Planning & Review Semi-Annual Review with Company Owners: Strategic reviews to align financial goals. Year-end Review for Taxes. Quarterly Business Reviews: Strategic sessions to discuss financial performance and future plans. Tax Season Prep. Strategic Consultation: Regular strategy meetings, financial planning, and year-end tax preparation for growth alignment.
Support & Training Unlimited Support: Continuous access to professional assistance. Unlimited Support: Constant support plus financial planning tools, strategy meetings, and software training. Unlimited Support: Access to continuous expert assistance, including extensive financial planning and software training.